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We Are Pioneering Private Yoga in Hong Kong!

The health benefits of practicing yoga are no secret. Yoga is known for reducing stress and increasing flexibility, but it can also be a vigorous calorie burning workout with constant movement and deep stretches.

However, there are many reasons preventing the majority of people from starting yoga sooner. For example, a busy lifestyle, long work hours or commute, existing medical conditions, and lack of individual instruction at traditional yoga studios are all common reasons many people are unable to enjoy the benefits that come with practicing yoga.

At Inspire Yoga, we take a personal approach to yoga in HK by offering an exciting alternative to a typical studio setting yoga class.

We specialize in individually tailored, private yoga classes that are held in the comfort of your home or office!

Why Private Yoga Classes with Inspire Yoga HK?

With Inspire Yoga, you will never need to commute to a yoga studio or rush to make the start of a class. Whether you are looking to reduce stress, improve posture or increase flexibility, our private yoga classes will be an exact match for your needs and goals.

We start with a personal consultation to cater to the benefits you seek from your yoga practice. Our expert teachers will customize a yoga program specifically for your physical conditions and emotional balance. We will then bring your personalized yoga classes right to your doorstep, turning your home or office into a sanctuary of peace and well-being.

Private yoga classes with Inspire Yoga allow you to relax and connect with your body because you have the peace of mind that our experienced, certified instructors will be right there with you, pushing and motivating you through yoga’s tricky poses.

To learn more about private yoga, simply fill out the form on the right, and we will send you a Free Private Yoga Information Pack!

You should also take a moment to fill out our brief Private Yoga Questionnaire, and we’ll set up a convenient time for a Free Consultation, where we’ll customize a private yoga program just for you!

If you have any questions, you can call us at 9167-3376, or contact us here.

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    Improve Your Vision

          In yoga we learn to focus our eyes with precision, directing our gaze purposefully. Our gaze (called drishti in Sanskrit) can help us direct the energy of a pose, helping us stay mentally clear. The late physician swami Sivananda considered sight the most abused of our five senses. He prescribes a series [...]

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    Virabhadrasana I- Warrior 1

    This is one of the strongest poses in the Warrior series. Virabhadrasana 1 embodies the attitude of the warrior, encouraging qualities of strength and confidence. It is a part of the standing series and Sun Salutation B in Ashtanga Yoga- primary series by Pattabhi Jois.   Setting up the Pose: Stand with your legs approximately [...]

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    Introducing Spinal Alignment Programs

    Given our sedentary lifestyles our spinal alignments and posture has been severely affected. From evolution our bodies are not designed to stay seated hunched over a desk for prolonged periods everyday, our bodies are made to be active and mobile. This healthy movement helps to keep our spinal muscles strong and our posture upright, it [...]

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    Love your Practice

    After reading the Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin, I finally understand why we call it a yoga ‘practice’ not a competition, not an exercise, not a performance. It is a practice because we dedicate our movements, our mental state to something higher, free from comparison and judgment. It is based on our efforts not [...]

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