Back Care Yoga

lesson five
HK$ 4,700.00

You will feel more freedom in movement between vertebral disks of the spine.

You will feel the release of discomfort around your back and learn how to adjust your posture if tension arises.

You will develop strength around your spinal column to protect your back and bring more balance to the back of the body.

lesson ten
HK$ 9,250.00

You will feel relief in areas around the back that previously felt tight and sore.

You will develop core strength to support the length of the spine around the lower lumbar.

The shoulders and chest will feel more open, supporting an improved posture.

You will learn techniques to protect your back by transferring weight to other areas around the body.

lesson twenty
HK$ 18,000.00

You will feel an increase in the range of motion around your spine.

You will feel more flexibility around your spine with twists, lateral stretches, arches and forward bends.

You will feel significant pain relief and learn poses to continuously release tension from prone areas.

You will be able to maintain better posture around the upper and lower back.

You will be able to feel the back relax and relieve any compression in resting postures.