Customize Your Own Program

This is your chance to tailor make your yoga program, to address all your needs and goals. Feel free to mix and match elements from our existing programs based on your own preferences. Some suggested combinations are shown below:

  • If you’re looking for a wonderful new activity for the whole family, we can design a program that combines adult and kids yoga in a semi-private setting
  • If you want to improve your fitness but worry about the strain on your knees, we can combine healing yoga with fitness booster yoga to produce a program that is both dynamic and sensitive to your knees
A one-off class is priced at HK$1,200. We will provide packages of 5, 10 and 20 classes for further discounts.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Fill out diagnostic questionnaire
  2. We will email you a customized package, with a cost quote for the program and a purchase code
  3. Buy the program, entering the purchase code in the shopping cart page
  4. Enjoy your program!
Diagnostic Questionaire

1. Age Range

2. Gender
 Female Male

3. How long have you practiced yoga for?

4. How often do you exercise?

5. What are your objectives for private yoga?
 Fitness Breathing Strength Building Flexibility Relaxation Tension Relief Healing Others

6. Stress level

7. Where do you carry stiffness?
 Shoulders Neck Upper Back Middle Back Lower Back Hips, Knees Ankles None Of The Above Others

8. Do you have any medical conditions?
 High Blood Pressure Low Blood Pressure Asthma Varicose Veins Heart Conditions Scoliosis Slipped Disk Sciatica Diabetes Deregulated Thryroid Spondalitis Cancer Kidney Failure Insomnia Chronic Constipation Menstrual Disorders Learning Difficulties None Of The Above Others

9. Please specify if you have had any surgeries, where and how long ago?

10. Please specify any of the styles that you like
 Hatha Vinyasa Shivananda Satyanada Ashtanga Power Yin Others

11. Preferred time to practice Yoga


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