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Mechanics of Semi Private Yoga
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lesson five
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You will have a general understanding of the major muscle groups in your body and will start to have muscle awareness during your yoga practice.

You will gain control of your core muscles.

You will have increased body stamina.

You will lengthen your muscles through stretching.

Your will have increased breath awareness and will learn to synchronize breath and movement.

lesson ten
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You will have increased awareness of your body and will start to engage the right set of muscles during the yoga poses.

You will start to build core stability and find your inner strength.

You will increase your physical endurance and be able to hold the poses for longer.

You will see increased muscle flexibility through stretching.

You will harmonize the mind, body and breath to achieve maximum results.

You will achieve increased coordination and balance.

You will feel increased release of tension of anxiety.

You will feel energized after your yoga practice.

lesson twenty
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You will experience increased strength and muscle tone.

You will achieve increased core stability and strength.

You will develop great physical endurance and stamina.

Your muscles will feel elongated, your back will become stronger and more flexible and you will achieve relief from tight muscles.

You will have increased lung capacity.

You will link rhythmic breathing with flowing movements. The synchronized breathing will help you achieve conscious control of your body and mind.

You will generate internal heat, which will lead to purification of the body through increased circulation and removal of toxins.

You will maintain proper posture.