Healing Yoga Pricing

lesson five
HK$ 6,000

You will understand how your breathing pattern affects your body’s functioning.

You will feel a deep sense of relaxation allowing for a calmness in the mind and a balance in energy levels

You will feel an improvement in blood and lymph circulation stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms

lesson ten
HK$ 11,000

You will gain a deeper awareness to your breathing pattern and can introduce gradual changes

You will feel heightened energy levels leading to a increased sense of well being

You will experience deep relaxation and a sustained quieting of the mind to restore the balance of adrenal glands and activate the body’s ability for self healing

You will learn soothing poses to enhance the body’s functioning by releasing physical and mental stress

lesson twenty
HK$ 20,000

You will find changes and more control of your natural breathing patterns

You will feel enhanced and sustained levels of energy that add to a better sense of vitality

You will learn poses to balance the endocrine system, harmonizing hormones and relaxing the nervous system

You will practice deep relaxation techniques paired with visualization to calm the mind to optimize your body’s own self healing mechanism

You will practices poses to stimulate balance and co-ordination with breath awareness to improve left brain and right brain communication and for stress relief