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Mechanics of Semi Private Yoga
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lesson five
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Your kids will learn animated breathing techniques that will leave them feeling more relaxed and focused.

Your kids will release tension and stress and have fun in the process through games, music and laughter.

Your kids will learn basic poses that will help them stretch their bodies and improve coordination.

lesson ten
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Your kids will become more confident in using the breathing techniques and will be able to use them outside the yoga studio to help them regulate their moods, get calm when upset or energize when feeling low.

Your kids will improve physical strength and flexibility while learning new yoga poses in a positive, non-competitive environment.

Your kids will improve focus and attention through yoga poses and games.

Your kids will build social skills and develop cooperation through a blend of yoga, games and creative team building.

lesson twenty
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By regulating breathing, your kids will feel more calm and centered, their concentration will be improved, their abdominal muscles will be strengthened, and they will be able to regulate their moods better.

The improved strength, flexibility, and confidence will help your kids with other sports and activities.

The improved concentration and focus will help your kids in school.

Your kids will build confidence, self-esteem, and respect for those around them.

Your kids will build intuition and self-awareness.

Your kids will connect to their hearts and unlock their inner potential.