Knees & Hips Therapy Pricing

HK$ 5,000

You will learn the correct alignment of postures that improve hip flexibility and strengthen knee joints.

You will understand the relationship between your hips and back and knees and ankles.

You will feel the strength and stretch around your hamstrings, hip extensors, quadriceps, inner thighs and conditioning around your knee joints.

HK$ 9,750

You will understand the effect your feet’s alignment has on your hips and knees, and how to adjust your feet to minimize strain to vulnerable joints.

You will feel an increased range of motion around the pelvic girdle whilst protecting the sacrum and lower back.

You will feel more ease around you knees as you learn how to transfer more weight to the muscles and away from the joints.

You will feel more balance between the right and left hip joints and more comfort around your knee joints.

HK$ 19,000

You will learn where to hold your weight to protect your hip and knee joints.

You will feel stronger and more flexible around the lower half of your body.

You will understand that the hip and knee joints feel soothed with slow circular movements, connected to the breath.

You will gain a better awareness of discomfort around your tender joints and learn techniques to release any tension.

You will feel more ease and balance in movement and more comfort while you hold postures to attain deeper stretches in a controlled manner.