Knees & Hips Therapy

This program addresses general degeneration around the knee and hip joints. Whether this degeneration has been a product of time or a specific event, we will strengthen the relevant muscles to minimize the pressure borne at the joints. To protect and prevent deterioration of joints, complementary muscles are strengthened and stretched to increase range of motion and minimize pressure on the musculoskeletal structure.


Yoga Training that Protects the Hips & Knees

The lessons are structured to increase strength around the quadriceps to relieve knee pain and increase the flexibility and movement around the knee joint to promote the secretion of synovial fluid, thereby preventing the bones from fusing together. In the case of hip joints we will work to balance the right and left side, ensuring that the pelvic girdle is even. Deep stretching aimed at the hip flexors and inner thighs will be introduced to allow for a better range of motion through the lower half of the body and a better sense of balance.

Knees and Hips Therapy

A perfect combination of strong standing poses to build muscle mass and deep stretching will foster healing in the joints as any blockages of energy channels will open up with proper care and guidance. Teachers are fully qualified in yoga therapy and will train you in how to breathe deeply, in order to release tension around the legs and bring you a renewed sense of ease and comfort with every step.