Neck & Shoulder Therapy

lesson five
HK$ 4,700

You will feel stress around you neck and shoulders release in a safe and progressive manner.

You will understand the relationship between your breathing patterns and how that translates to tightness in the chest which affects the neck and shoulders.

You will feel a stronger and more flexible around your shoulders and feel more balance between the right and left shoulder.

lesson ten
HK$ 9,250

You will practice slow, rhythmic movements to carefully release tension around the neck.

You will practice circular and continuous movements around your shoulders to increase their range of motion and condition the muscles supporting the shoulder blades.

You will feel tightness around the chest release by learning how to breathe deeply and slowly.

You will learn how to relax the body while maintaining proper posture around the cervical spine, and how to best support the neck and upper back whilst lying down.

lesson twenty
HK$ 18,000

You will feel lightness around your neck and shoulders.

You will feel stronger around your shoulders and see an improvement in the range of motion around your shoulder socket.

You will be able to release acute tension around your neck and feel an ease in moving your head.

You will feel better equipped in releasing any tension from the neck and shoulders if tightness is experienced.

You will learn how to condition the body to breathe diaphragmatically to ensure the chest is relaxed and open.