Neck & Shoulder Therapy

This program is designed for those who carry a lot of tension around their neck, shoulders and upper back; ideal for those with cervical spondylitis, hunched shoulders or poor posture. Whether from working in front of a computer or carrying a baby for a prolonged period, it is common to carry a lot of stiffness in this region, which in some cases creates pain up into the head.


The Yoga Therapy Training that Improves the Upper Back Posture

The program is structured to improve the posture around the upper back and to free up the neck and shoulders. This may involve re-education in how to properly hold your upper body while standing and seated. Teachers will use props to support and redistribute your weight in order to relieve pain. Classes will focus on building strength around the shoulders and arms while opening the chest from the sternum. Once the shoulders and chest feel a greater sense of lightness, the neck will realize a greater range of motion.

Neck and Shoulder Therapy

Breath work will be addressed; teachers will guide you on how to breathe slower and deeper breaths, enabling a fuller movement of the diaphragm. When the breath is shallow the chest and shoulders rise and fall with each breath, causing tiredness and stiffness in the area. When the breath is deeper, the diaphragm and abdomen play their role to facilitate each breath releasing the neck and shoulders from added pressure, achieving lasting benefits.