Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Pricing

lesson five
HK$ 6,000

Prenatal Yoga

You will learn to breathe slowly and mindfully. The breathing techniques will help you relax

You will learn to move with awareness and learn proper alignment

You will feel more invigorated as you start building more strength and flexibility

You will learn to engage your pelvic floor

Postnatal Yoga

You will start gently and move slowly and will truly allow your body to heal from pregnancy

You will start strengthening your pelvic floor

You will start to release tension and stress with deep relaxation and breathing techniques

lesson ten
HK$ 11,000

Prenatal Yoga

Your breathing will become more deep, rhythmic and full. Through the breath, you will connect to your body and your baby, and you will be able to relax more easily

You will increase your body awareness and proper alignment, which will allow you to reduce tension and pain

You will feel your pelvic floor muscles get stronger

Your will start feeling that your yoga practice will provide physical, mental, and emotional preparation for birth and mothering

Postnatal Yoga

You will continue to support your body’s recovery after birth while getting stronger and more balanced

You will start reclaiming your post-pregnancy body through emphasis on abdominal toning, pelvic floor and back strengthening

lesson twenty
HK$ 20,000

Prenatal Yoga

You will feel confident in using the breathing techniques we teach you, which will prepare you for labor and motherhood

Your increased body awareness will allow you to move more freely and perform yoga poses with more confidence

Your increased strength, stamina, and sense of balance will enable you to feel empowered and confident

The pelvic floor exercises will prepare you to give birth

You will feel happier, you will feel connected to your baby, and you will love and embrace your new role

Postnatal Yoga

You will get back your physical strength and tone your body

You will regain strength in the pelvic and abdominal area

You will build patience and inner calm