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Mechanics of Semi Private Yoga
Semi Private Savings

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You will be able to realign your back for better posture

You will be able to engage the right core muscles to reduce any strain on the back

You will be more aware of your breathing patterns

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You will be able to maintain good posture for extended periods of time

You will have a stronger core belt to keep you from slouching

You will feel an improvement in your balance and stability and overall flexibility

You will be able to release stress by changing your breath to a more soothing pattern

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Holding good posture will feel most comfortable to your body and will become natural

You will experience a reduction of back pain

You will feel stronger around your abdominals, back muscles and hip flexors to sustain a neutral spine with resistance training

You will be able to stabilize from your core belt and whilst increasing your range of movements

You will be able to synchronize your breath with different postures to optimize energy levels