10 days for letting go of fear and restlessness and learn to cultivate calming energy

Release Chronic Tension

Reverse Impact of Stress


This step by step program has been designed by Neelam Harjani
With 20 years experience in yoga, meditation and breathwork

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Founder & Teacher Neelam Harjani

What makes us different?

Inspire Yoga offers a “meta practice” where you learn how create your very own personalized practice to achieve maximum benefits in body and mind.

In addition to the online coaching program you will revieve weekly calls, help with the techniques/exercies, different variations and options to suit your objectives, and an active support group.

Transform Stress to Success

20 Minutes a day for a better you

In this time of a global pandemic, let’s stay home yet still feel the full vibrancy of life, socially distant yet deeply connected to our own healing rhythms, face uncertainty of the future yet be peaceful in the present moment. 

This program is for you if you are ready to dedicate 20 minutes a day for a complete transformation as you learn how to decondition stress and stiffness and embody a balance of strength and openness. ​

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