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Back Care Yoga

Back Care Yoga

Ready to get rid of your back pain? Addressing the root of the problem we take an integrated approach of clearing stress responses in the mind and aligning muscles to properly engage in strength training while releasing latent stiffness through targeted and assisted stretching.

This program will combine forward bends, backward bends, lateral stretches and twists to ensure the proper traction of the vertebral disks in all 6 directions of their natural movement. Issues with the pelvic girdle will also be explored in later stages to release any stiffness from the base of the spine, bringing notable relief to the lower lumbar region. The spinal column needs movement to lubricate the joints and optimize their functioning.

A perfect combination of mobilizations to build muscle mass and deep stretching will foster healing in the vertebral joints as any blockages of energy channels will open up with proper care and guidance. Teachers are fully qualified in yoga therapy and will train you in how to breathe deeply, in order to release tension around the upper back or lower lumbar spine to bring you a renewed sense of ease and comfort with every step.

Back Care Yoga Objectives

  • Release stiffness and tension to balance spinal curvature
  • Improve posture by engaging core belt and protecting lower back
  • Adopt a holistic approach to releasing the root of chronic tension by examining correct seated and standing postural alignments
  • Gain awareness of stress levels using breathing exercises shift to a more relaxed frame of mind and reverse cycle of tension in the body
  • Breathe into the diaphragm to ease upper back of rounding and open chest restrictions
  • Enhance range of motion around your spine with twists, lateral stretches, arches and forward bends.
  • Experience significant pain relief and learn poses to continuously release tension from prone areas.
  • Achieve better symmetry around the upper and lower back and right and left side strength is there is scoliosis
  • Learn simple tools to practice yourself to relax the back and relieve any compression in resting postures

Back Care Yoga Packages


HK$ 6,700
  • Valid for 3 months


  • Valid for 6 months


HK$ 21,500
  • Valid for 12 months

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