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Corporate Wellness- Optimize your learning

Brain health is intrinsically connected to wellness. Do you feel like your mental sharpness is predetermined? Your intelligence and memory will fade over time? In this workshop we demystify the brain and mind to bring tangible differences in how much you retain, absorb and learn.

Discussing diet, lifestyle and awareness we are able to change our state of mind from stressed to active which transforms our ability to think and assimilate information. The takeaways from the workshop you can expect are as follows

-The one food that promotes inflammation and decay

-The role of stress on the brain

-Breathing techniques to balance right and left hemisphere of the brain

The first step to making a change is to bring awareness of the problem, these seminars facilitate open discussion and reflection so we are more empowered to direct effort into healthier habits and more sustainable practice. We combine yoga and mindfulness with scientific research and findings for an effective workshop of embodied learning. For further information on our corporate wellness programs please click here


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