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Meditation has profound benefits, it cultivates emotional balance, improves our immune system and makes us intrinsically happier individuals all through training our mind to focus on the positive. Just as we can train our muscles to be stronger we can train our minds to be more inspired. We can become better human beings by training our minds to make destructive thoughts vanish.


Yoga Meditation Techniques to Fight The Negative Emotions

Neuroscientists have been recently found that the brain is continually evolving in response to our experience. Nueroplasticity or ‘brain plasticity’ what scientists term the way every moment and with every thought shape the way you think and act in the next moment, attuning to the yogic principle of Samskara (where every experience, good or bad, is imprinted on the mind). Scientific studies by Francisco Varela, Paul Ekman and Richard Davidson have concluded that people who meditate are able to regulate their cerebral activity and movement of brain waves are far better synchronized and coordinated with meditation.


Negative and positive thoughts can be detected using Electroencephalograms (EEG) to measure electrical activity and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to measure blood flow in different areas of the brain to map out localized cerebral activity. It was found that the left prefrontal activity governs positive thoughts whilst the right prefrontal activity governs negative thoughts.


Here are four Bhuddist meditations that have been most effective in systematically changing our old patterns of the brain, to new and more positive brain waves.


1. Compassion

Focus on expanding the feeling of love and empathy to the whole world


2. Focused attention

Zoom in to the sound of your breath, the mind should be uninterrupted by thoughts


3. Open presence

Watch the flow of thoughts rise and dissolve without entertaining any of them


4. Visualizations

Imprint an image in your mind, of someone/something inspiring and uplifting


Conclusions of leading neurologists have now agreed with the effects of yoga. They meditation practices help to combat cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease; and will help keep your brain functioning at its best, even as you get older.


Meditation gives us the power to shift our moods and temperament. In a study by Davidson he found that within 3 months of meditation, people who were depressed had a significant change of cerebral activity from the right to left prefrontal side of their brains. They were experiencing more positive emotions and felt much more stable emotionally which in turn resulted to an incredible shift in joy and enthusiasm, lending to a much higher sense of fulfillment in life. With some effort and dedication you can be the compassionate person you want to be, you can train your mind to bring about a shift in your natural patterns of thought. To harness the benefits of meditation in your own life, our breathing and meditation program will be a perfect fit for you, allowing you to create a sanctuary of peace in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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