Private Holistic Programs / Restore

March 21st, 2018


20 private yoga classes

7 mindfulness coaching sessions

1 personal nutrition consultation

4 energy healing treatments



The RESTORE program is designed to be your completely harness your wellness. Combining elements of yoga, mindfulness, healing treatments and nutrition to bring a freedom from stress, tension, mental agitation, pain, energy blockages and positive eating habits to support healthy and peaceful living. Discover mindfulness and meditation with a clinical counsellor to attain peace of mind and composure. Align posture and restore energy and release stiffness through private yoga classes led by a certified and experienced yoga instructor. Understand from a nutritionist how your relationship with food promotes health and mental clarity. Release tension, energy blockages and pain triggers through healing treatments from reikhi energy, osteopathy, physiotherapy and fascial massage. Schedule all sessions depending on your availability and be supported by team of experts dedicated to provide you with the highest service quality customized to you objectives in health and inner harmony.

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