Project Description


colors twistOriginally from Hong Kong & was living in San Francisco as her second home town where she had her first yoga class, she immediately loved the practice and started taking yoga classes on regular basis after her return to Hong Kong.

It was tough for her being away from home for some good years. She found it very stressful and frustrated adapting to the local working culture & lifestyle again. Going to yoga classes seemed to be her only way out in the beginning and later on she started longing for deeper knowledge in yoga which is actually more than only moving the physical body into postures as the most commonly known nowadays.

Under guidance of different traditional yoga masters from India, with Master Yogananth Andiappan as the main master, she obtained her 200hours Yoga Teacher Certificate in 2013 and completed her 300 hours Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 in Hong Kong along with the Intensive Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Chennai, India. Hazel is now a Yoga Alliance registered RYT 500 teacher.

As words that are not enough to describe how yoga helps her both physically and mentally, she believes by becoming a yoga teacher would be the best way to share her passion, experience and benefits of yoga to the others.Hazel_crow@beach_color

Her sessions are customized with different yoga postures (Asana) & breathing techniques (Pranayama) as per health conditions, ability & injuries history of students. Her touch is loving, her voice is calm yet motivating.

By practicing Asanas & Pranaymas, it will be beneficial for both your mental and physical health in the long run, as well as helpful in injury rehabilitation. It also helps with developing strength, balance and flexibility. It can be complementary to your chosen sports exercise program since it can lead to improvement in sports performance.