Project Description


  Minnie successfully completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with internationally renowned instructors at Awakened Life School of Yoga with philosophy and anatomy. This intensive program exceeded Yoga Alliance standards and included a lot of personal development work, which lead to Minnie evolving into an authentic and conscientious teacher.
Her full time commitment of teaching yoga for the last 3 years is rooted in values to help share the benefits of yoga, she enjoys teaching a beginners approach with careful attention on alignments and correct posture. Minnie believes in a balanced class structure with a thorough warm up and deep relaxation since moving to Hong Kong has taught her that most people here carry a lot of stress around their shoulders and back. Her classes focus on body alignment, movement, and the transitions between poses.


 She is a qualified Restorative Yoga Teacher and certified to teach Yoga Nidra, deep relaxation techniques. Additionally, she is also a certified Children’s Yoga teacher by Karen Wightman. Before teaching yoga she used to teach children how to creatively express themselves through the medium of art, her experience working with children with learning difficulties has brought a compassion and gentleness in her teaching style.


For those looking for more of a challenge, Minnie is a confident Ashtanga yoga practitioner and always exploring my limits on Asana practice. I hope everyone can experience the relaxation of body and mind through Yoga. She believes that through her classes yoga helps to improve concentration and help to achieve a calm mind.


Minnie provides a genuine outgoing attitude that is upbeat and uplifting. She conducts her classes with confidence, creating a playful yet powerful class built up of smart sequencing and clear cues.  Primarily a vinyasa style teacher who is passionate about the use of breath to guide movement and usher in a meditative state, Minnie is passionate about using yoga and meditation to still the mind and combat anxiety. Dedicated to making her students feel at ease, and bring an element of fun into her classes, she seeks to encourage her students to turn inward and reconnect with their inner self, and believes yoga is amazing for your body and mind.
She has taught in many studios but Minnie has a passion towards private yoga classes, she thrives on the personalization and individual approach for her students, putting most emphasis on customizing the class to each individual where ever possible.