Project Description


Sophia moved from the UK to Hong Kong in 2010, practicing various styles of yoga for 10 years in the search for tools to use on her own journey of healing. In 2015 she completed her 200hr in Traditional Hatha at Anahata Yoga School in Hong Kong, and started teaching passionately at every opportunity to share the gifts of strength, peace and openness from the practice. This organically led to teaching at studios and events, teaming up with a community of yoga and music lovers to collaborate at festivals and music/yoga events; the Iris festival, Equation Festival, (Vietnam), Shi Fu Miz and the Solar Sound System. In early 2019, Sophia gained her 300hr advanced Hatha and Ashtanga certification in India, with a strong focus on meditation techniques and Pranayama practice. Trained in teaching Pilates, she knows the importance of building core strength. Sophia believes the science and techniques of a full yoga practice can have a transformative effect in many areas of life.

Living and working in hectic Hong Kong, she is also in love with the concept of letting go and balance that enables her to free both her body and mind from lingering tension. She studied yoga philosophy, correct alignments for each yoga posture, breathing techniques to relax and de-stress, how to use yoga poses to stimulate energy channels with an emphasis on restorative yoga to bring calm and clarity. As a teacher she brings lots of energy and empathy to her classes and believes time on the mat should include lots of joy, guidance and acceptance.