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The Importance Of Flexibility

As we welcome 2018 it is important to prioritize our long term health. It is common knowledge that yoga brings strength and flexibility. The importance of strength that yoga brings is accepted as developing your muscles to take the weight off your bones so your joints stay healthy in the later stages of life, we develop our musculoskeletal structure so we are able age well. However, there is a misconception that the modern man doesn’t need flexibility- that it is only for ballerinas and gymnasts! This article hopes to clear up that misconception once and for all.


With flexibility and proper body alignment you will notice that most of your movements feel smoother and can be preformed with ease, with minimal resistance. The yogic ideal of movement encourages the body to move freely and increases your range of motion. By regular practicing asanas you will begin to experience your spine and muscles become more supple thereby preventing joint stiffening and muscle shortening that often accompany injury, inactivity and aging.


Maintaining a healthy and limber spine is of utmost importance as it has a direct effect on your health and vitality; the structure is foundation of your body. The 33 vertebrae enclose the spinal cord which houses all the nerves that stem to the brain. Each vertebra has nerve openings that branch out to every part of the body. During a yoga class we often stretch our back in 6 directions: forwards and backwards, laterally on each side and twisting on each side. This creates a balance and symmetry in your spinal column, promoting the health of your entire spine, from the cervical vertebrae in your neck to the lowest lumbar vertebrae. Balanced spinal flexibility leads to the proper functioning of your vertebrae and nerves. When there a vertebra is out of alignment its associated nerves, muscles and internal organs resultantly suffer as well, causing a lot of pinching back pain and a degeneration of health.


Flexibility can be improved more quickly and retained longer than any other aspect of physical fitness. As you hold each stretch you will gradually impart increasing flexibility to your muscles, joints and spine- regardless of your age or current physical condition. Once achieved, you will find that you can retain this wonderfully flexible state for your entire lifetime.


At Inspire Yoga we specialise in private yoga classes where we cater to your individual needs, whether you are recovering from an injury or brand new to yoga we can help. Our highly trained and experienced teachers will host the class at the convenience of your home and each class can be scheduled around your convenience. If you’d like to focus on improving your flexibility we reccommend our stretch and restore yoga program, if you have never practiced before and are keen to start on your yoga journey beginner’s yoga is perfect for you.  Both these programs can be shared amoungst family and friends if you would like a semi-private setting, we will be delighted to bring you the lasting effects of yoga to you and your loved ones as we start this new year!

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