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Yoga therapy is a system of health care that applies yoga techniques and practices to empower individuals to improve their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. By incorporating breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga postures, yoga therapy addresses your specific problem areas.

Yoga therapy is different than a group yoga class. You do not need to know yoga to benefit from yoga therapy. Each session is tailored to fit your needs and meet you exactly where you are. One-on-one sessions are a great way to deepen your practice, prepare for group classes, and enhance body awareness. In each session I pay attention to you and tailor each session to create a safe challenge, meet your expectations, and find greater body awareness through alignment, foundation, and injury prevention.


Yoga therapy session’s are personalize your yoga treatment. For example, someone working with low back pain will have a different session than a new mother dealing with insomnia and overwhelm.

A yoga therapy session begins with a discussion about what is currently an issue for you. I will tailor the practice to your specific needs to facilitate your healing process. Parts of the session may resemble physical therapy session, but with yoga therapy, there is a mind component that is not present in a physical therapy or a typical rehabilitation session. This helps to form a mind/body connection that heals the body. In each yoga therapy session you will develop tools and learn how to bring what you learn into the “real world.”


This option is great for those of you who just need a tune up in your yoga practice. I will provide customized attention to meet your needs with a written follow-up email after each session. I will also offer homework and handouts as needed to support you after our visit is over.
This program is awesome if you want to dive deeper and really achieve your goals to healthier living.
Health Package is my most popular option where you receive support towards real transformation.
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