Achieve freedom from stress and stiffness

Specialists in well-being, we help you release tension, tiredness and tightness

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Create a workplace culture that instills compassion, collaboration and creativity

Bringing the best for you is central to our purpose, passion and practice. Our curated programs offer personalized adjustments, variations and attention to empower embodied experiences of awareness and agility

Our Expert Model of Customization

1. Understand Your Needs

Start with a personal consultation to so we can ascertain the most effective holistic solution to realign your asymmetries, stiffness or imbalances

2. Curate Your Program

We design the perfect combination of movement and mindfulness to bring you freedom from tension, stress and fatigue to optimize your wellness

3. Delivered to You

Enjoy the highest quality service of individual attention from our yoga experts at your convenience, real-time online and in person

We cater to you| We customize for you | We continue with you

Our goal is to bring you freedom from stress and achieve the energy levels that you crave

Corporate Partners Who Trust Our Wellness Solutions

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A Personalized System of Self Healing
Overcome Tightness, Tension and Tiredness

Inspire Yoga was born out of Neelam Harjani’s passion for practices based on individual well-being, we provide an authentic and holistic framework that is relevant to your specific needs and nurtured within the safety of your home. In this unprecedented time where we are experiencing widespread fear of our health, environment and future, our goal is to help ease your stress levels, bring body and mind in balance and optimize energy levels. Inspire Yoga is rooted in personal connection to provide bespoke programs toward your journey of transformation in peace of mind and freedom in movement. We overcome anxiety, chronic tension and stress related illnesses using personalized yoga sequences and meditation techniques. Are you ready to empower your own gift of self healing, immunity and resilience?

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Are you ready for a personalized yoga journey?

Align Your Body

Become present to your physical intelligence

Elevate Your Energy

Become aware of your personal energetic frequency

Transcend Your Mind

Become mindful of the power of your inner calm, clarity and creativity

What Will You Learn With Inspire Yoga?

Individual coaching allows each practice to be personal to your needs, systematically structured to achieve your goals

  • Align posture to relieve chronic pain.
  • Stabilize joints for freedom of movement.
  • Gauge stress levels and reverse constriction mechanism.
  • Breathe away tension for more restful sleep.
  • Practice exercises that boost concentration and focus.
  • Appreciate meditation as a tool for self care.
  • Synchronize body and breathing rhythms with a calm and clear mind.
  • Create a lifestyle change that will inspire others towards optimal balance.

Yoga brings balance and harmony by allowing us to focus on each breathe, entraining the mind to remain in the present moment.

Free course of Self-care, Self-healing and Self-development

10 days, 10 minutes per day online Yoga and meditation course

Private Yoga?

  • Step by step guidance by an expert private yoga teacher
  • Personal attention to areas of tension, injury or stiffness
  • Immediate feedback and variations for optimal intensity
  • Postural adjustments and assisted stretching
  • Includes calming, relaxing, meditative techniques
  • One on one or up to 4 in a private yoga class
  • Held at home or personal online coaching
  • Scheduled around your convenience

Corporate Wellness

  • Bespoke corporate wellness programs
  • Experiential learning style seminars
  • Scientific research around how to lower occupational stress
  • Mindfulness techniques to enhance energy levels
  • Reflections on empathy, authenticity and compassion
  • Inspires collective commitment towards health goals
  • Hybrid of in person and online learning
  • Happier workforce=Better results

Neelam Harjani, Author of International Bestseller, shares her personal journey of transformation from investment banker to a global wellness ambassador

Join Our Online Program

  • Online Course: Transform Stress to Success
  • Daily instruction video and practice for 9 weeks
  • Learn correct alignment of poses, breathing techniques and simple meditations
  • Choose your intensity based on how you feel each day
  • Understand the philosophy of yoga and mindfulness
  • You will be able to independently structure your own self practice
  • Open to beginners and at your fingertips

Meet Our Team

Our teachers have training and expertise in dealing with specific injuries, health conditions, fitness goals and therapeutic needs.



Alvin is one of Inspire Yoga’s most experienced teachers. He began his yoga journey more than 10 years ago when he came into contact with a traditional yoga master who showed him authentic ways of advancing his practice and ..



Neelam Harjani is the founder of Inspire Yoga, operating in Hong Kong since 2011 with her vision of ‘providing an
antidote for fast paced city life’ through personalized onsite programs of yoga and mindfulness.



Having left a stressful corporate job Phoebe was drawn to yoga with the intention of helping others and serving them to release tension that she herself used to suffer from. The onset of chronic by back pain, sleep deprivation and ….

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