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Our busy lifestyles are geared for us always to be on the go, but what happens when we don’t allow ourselves to rest? The stress levels of the world reflect this. If you are burned out and looking for balance, we can help. Having over 10 years of experience in Hong Kong’s wellness industry you can trust us to provide you with the perfect solution, at an individual and organizational level. Whether you are an expecting mother or a business leader to live life to the fullest requires time to look inward, invest in self-care and foster genuine connection.

Inspire Yoga offers bespoke programs rooted in practical wisdom and embodied experience, bringing balance in physical and mental health, transforming how we relate to ourselves and others

  • Calming Techniques
  • Boost Energy levels
  • Release Tension
  • Conscious Choices
  • Mindful Connections

Are you ready to unwind and recharge?

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Private Yoga classes at home

private yoga classes

Corporate Wellness programs in the office


Feeling stiff and tired? No time for yoga? Uncomfortable in a group setting? We will come to you, in the comfort of your own home and focus on your areas of tightness. Our curated programs offer personalised adjustments, variations and specialist attention for optimal balance using our 3 pillars of healing framework:

One to one yoga

We prioritize active relaxation to release acute tension and stiffness, this is to safely progress and dissolve the effects of stress on the nervous system

Personalized yoga

We focus on building strength and protecting the skeletal system, bringing body weight resistance while coordinating calming breathwork

Breathing course

We create a greater range of motion and muscle tone to relieve stiffness and tightness, bringing proper posture and flexibility to enhance the immune system

Inspire Yoga’s private classes are structured around your needs and objectives, book a consultation so we can curate a customized program designed to achieve your goals. An expert yoga instructor will host your private class in the comfort of your home and scheduled around your convenience. We help you boost energy levels, relieve chronic tension and experience freedom in your movements using personalized yoga sequences and mindfulness techniques.

We cater to you| We customize for you | We continue with you

See Why Our Clients Love Us

Private Yoga Programs

Stress management course/program

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for beginners

Enhance flexibility with Yoga

Yoga for sleep

Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga for stress

Prenatal Yoga & Postnatal Yoga

Yoga post surgery

Yoga to reduce stress levels

Yoga therapy

Family yoga

Private Yoga

  • Step by step guidance by an expert private yoga teacher
  • Personal attention to areas of tension, injury or stiffness
  • Immediate feedback and variations for optimal intensity
  • Postural adjustments and assisted stretching
  • Includes calming, relaxing, meditative techniques
  • One on one or up to 4 in a private yoga class
  • Held in the comfort of your own home
  • Scheduled around your convenience
private yoga


Chronic stress shows up as depressive or aggressive tendencies in the workplace, recognize the warming signs if people are worn out or on edge in the office. We take the central theme of decreasing stress levels to increase energy levels so you can achieve the most in work and life. Our corporate programs delve into corporate culture, work-life balance and on the job pressures. We take a results based approach to learning, following our 3 step systematic change process to enhance our health, performance and teamwork
Yoga for back pain

Understand the scientific research

Prenatal Yoga

Experience the impact of the tools

Postnatal Yoga

Commit to implementation strategies

Appreciating the demands of corporate life, our courses are well received by busy executives and high performing corporations. We work with key stakeholders, focus groups and large conferences within organizations to explore meaningful contribution driven by passion and purpose.

Corporate & Workplace Yoga Benefits

Our aim is to bring awareness, elevate mindset and share empowering techniques to productively manage challenges and create a work environment where communication, collaboration and creativity thrives.

Let us understand your needs, curate your program, and deliver transformation to your workplace

Corporate Partners Who Trust Our Wellness Solutions


Corporate Wellness Programs

Yoga for stiffness

Stress relieving breathwork course

Yoga for elderly

Corporate Yoga and Meditation

Yoga expert

Workplace Wellness Workshops

private yoga at home

Executive Mindful Communication

yoga for back pain

Compassionate Leadership Program

private yoga studio

Online Yoga Course: Transform Stress to Success

Our Wellbeing Courses are designed to bring clarity, collaboration and connection to your office

Corporate Wellness

  • Corporate wellness workshops of mindfulness and empowerment trainings
  • Experiential learning style seminars
  • Scientific research around how to lower occupational stress
  • Mindfulness techniques to enhance energy and positive presence
  • Reflections on empathy, authenticity and compassion
  • Encourage collaborative commitment towards supportive health goals
  • Hybrid of in person and online learning
  • Happier workforce=Better results
my voice

Neelam Harjani, Author of International Bestseller, shares her personal journey of transformation from investment banker to a global wellness ambassador

Happiness Course

Yoga means to unite the body and mind so that we are completely harmonized to the present moment, when this takes place there is no room for stress. Mindfulness brings our attention to all the happenings of the now to prevent our mind from wondering to the future or past. Breathwork weaves the body, mind, and breath into this moment, it has a tremendous calming effect on the nervous system and is a scientifically proven effective outlet for stress.

The Art of Living course will teach you a powerful breathing technique where you will have the confidence to continue your practice independently and reap the reward of a clear, calm and contented mind every day, we require:

3 consecutive days

3 hours each day

3 participants minimum

Grab your friends and family members and sign up for a life changing experience!

Our Expert Model of Customization

1. Understand Your Needs

Start with a personal consultation, get to know us and how we provide holistic solutions to address your pain points and together achieve your objectives

2. Curate Your Program

We design the perfect combination of practice and awareness to bring you freedom from tension, stress and fatigue to optimise your wellness

3. Delivered to You

Enjoy the highest quality service of trust, precision and care from our team of experts scheduled around your convenience

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