Secrets to Live Stress Free

Five Life-Changing Tecniques to Attain Inner Calm & Clarity

By Neelam Harjani

Founder of Inspire Yoga

Secrets to Live Stress Free

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This book teaches you how to surmount the challenges of live through simple yoga techniques to serenely boost your performance and enjoy a fuller life!

What will you learn with Inspire Yoga?

Practice of awareness, mindful movements and conscious breathing around wellness topics such as:

  • Learn how to gauge and manage stress levels
  • Appreciate the importance of sleep and how to improve sleep quality
  • Switch off from technology and the benefits of a digital detox
  • Learn food choices that help boost concentration
  • Become a better parent by adopting a balanced lifestyle
  • Understand tension cues and how to improve alignment
  • Improve presentation skills to improve delivery and confidence
  • Enhance communication and idea generation through open dialogue
Yoga brings balance and harmony by allowing us to focus on each breath, entraining the mind to remain in the present moment.
Inspire Yoga

We meet with each client to understand their individual needs to customize the structure of the program around their objectives

Private Yoga

Yoga brings balance and harmony by allowing us to focus on each breath, entraining the mind to remain in the present moment. This changed the way I practice yoga, moving from group classes to a private self-practice.
Private Yoga
“Did you know that abdominal breathing releases endorphins which stimulate a relaxed state when we pay attention of the soothing and calming rhythm of full, deep and slow breathing?”
Inspire Yoga meditation

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Secrets to Live Stress Free

Learn 5 Life Transforming Techniques to Relax Stiffiness into Peace

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The body becomes the final recipient of the stress manifesting as physical pain or disease often you hear people treating their diagnosis as a «wakeup call». If only they heard the alarm in the distress they were mentally blocking off for years, the suffering would not have surfaced to the body.
Neelam Herjami Corpore Wellnes

Establishing a mind body connection will empower you to end your cycle stress creation


Neelam Harjani

Neelam strongly believes that a yoga practice is most beneficial when the individual successfully connects with their breath, body and mind.

Mindfulness is essential for the poses to bring maximum benefit and can only be achieved in a private setting, as the instructor can cater to the individual’s exact needs at each moment. Inspire Yoga HK was born out of Neelam’s belief in this philosophy of teaching at a personal level, to bring the most out of any yoga practice.

Neelam Herjami
Inspire Yoga
Inspire Yoga has launched it’s proprietary 5 step system to connecting to your body and mind to release tension and attain clarity and balance. Discover how this extraordinary technique can be customized to your individual needs where qualified yoga instructors can guide you personally with each step in the comfort of your own home or office.

Are you struggling with poor posture and suffering chronic pain and stiffness?

Are you stressed and in need for instant relaxation?

Would you like to feel empowered and balanced?

Highlights from Secrets to Live Stress Free?

My goal is to bring you freedom from stress and attain the levels of energy that you crave

Neelam Harjani

Neelam Herjami

I founded Inspire Yoga as an antidote to fast-paced city life