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With our sedentary lifestyles, our bodies don’t get the amount of movement it thrives on, especially sitting on chairs for extended periods of time every day, the result is pain. Most often occurring is pain along the spinal column, from tech neck to lower back pain, the message is clear: the effects of our modern lifestyles are reducing our sense of vitality and affecting our health. More than 27% of Americans over 45 years report suffering from chronic pain and 11% of whom have limited activities on a daily basis because of the pain. Back pain is the leading cause of disability around the world, in USA it accounts for $635 billion in medical costs and lost productivity. Rather than muting the problem with painkillers (which has side effects that lead to organ failure) it’s time we take some conscious decisions in changing how we treat our bodies to safeguard our backs.

Increase Core Strength

This is more than sculpting a 6 pack, core strength incorporates the abdominal, intercostal, and posterior muscles providing 360-degree support for the back. The importance here is to build proprioception as you build strength, so you are more aware of your movements and can make micro adjustments in your posture to avoid any tweaks in your back.

Improve Balance

Stability is the holy grail to maintaining our ability to move as we age. This comes from large muscle groups in the legs, learning the correct technique to bend- hinging at the hips to avoid any strain of the back, and reacquainting ourselves with the natural grip strength in our feet. Living in shoes and shielding our feet from activating reduces its role as a shock absorber, leaving the ankles, knees and back vulnerable to injury and fall risk.

Release Stiffness

Flexibility enhances our range of motion and relaxes the strain often put around our spinal columns from tight shoulders, hamstrings and hip flexors. Lengthening our muscles means we limit muscle spasms from tension and feel more agile in our movements lowering the shock of movement as the load is more evenly distributed throughout the body.

Breathe Deeply

Breathwork is a powerhouse to our energy. When we learn to breathe using our ribcage, diaphragm and abdomen the oxygen exchange becomes far more efficient, stress levels markedly drop and we gain access to a sense of inner stability. Sitting at desks hunched over has spiraled most to breathe shallow and into the chest causing tightness around the neck and shoulders exacerbating a kyphotic posture.

Reduce Sugars

The leading cause of inflammation is refined sugar and the result of inflammation is pain in the body. Clean eating has a tremendous impact on how the body heals and recovers from pain. Read food labels for hidden sugars and eat as natural as possible, green leafy vegetables contain autoinflammatory properties.

For specialist help we offer one to one coaching so that you feel safe and supported as you naturally and permanently get rid of your back pain. Our team of experts will curate a program for you that is to the exact intensity fit for your muscles and work with you on both stability and agility until you feel strong and confident in your movements. Your classes are scheduled around your convenience and our team are happy to come to your home, clubhouse or office to host your personalized program of back care therapy- click here to get started.

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