Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

prenatal yogaThis program has two components: 1) to prepare the mother for giving birth and 2) to assist the mother’s recuperation after giving birth. Teachers are fully certified in prenatal and postnatal yoga and call upon at least 10 years of practice experience. Strengthening around the pelvic floor during pregnancy and after birth is emphasized, coupled with breath awareness as a powerful method of relaxation.

Yoga Pregnancy can Help Mothers Become Healthy Before & After Giving Birth

Prenatal yoga helps you maintain fitness and strength during pregnancy and prevents and remedies common problems that you might experience. It allows your body to open gently in preparation for birth, allows you to release physical tension and emotional fears, and teaches you relaxation techniques that you can use during your whole prenatal period. As you approach your third trimester, birthing positions and appropriate bodywork are discussed and learned. You will also have an opportunity to bring your partner into the class to learn postures where your partner can support you in poses to ease back pain and learn breathing techniques together to prepare both of you for the birthing process.

Postnatal yoga can be taught either withpostnatal you and your baby, giving you techniques to use together, or on your own, giving you valuable time to nourish and look after yourself. After birth the focus is rebuilding the pelvic floor and strengthening your core muscles. Additionally, we introduce upper body strength so the upper back and shoulders are able and open to carry the weight of your growing baby in your arms for as long as you wish. You learn to close your body gently after birth, release physical and mental tension, regain tone and relax.