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Improve resilience, well-being and connection

One on One Virtual Training for Stress and Tension

Release tightness through relaxing meditation techniques

Sequences to balance strength and flexibility from the safety of your home

Learn postures to optimize breathing and enhance energy levels

Why Yoga?

Why should you practice?

Given that the world is facing the spread of the Coronavirus which has caused many of us to be in a lock down, shut off from friends, worried about the rate of contraction and working from home. Yoga brings us to a state of balance, it is from this place where we can withstand all the changes and difficulties around us. The global situation has led many into a panic, but what will being fearful achieve? It’s a contagious emotion that holds the body in survival mode and depresses the immune function. Now more than ever we need to train ourselves to stay calm, to feel the strength within and trust that with time all will be restored. The virus is beyond our control, but what is within our control is our own mental and physical state, being at home you can practice yoga and meditation to arm you with the tools to prioritize your health, let go of the stress and harness your inner resilience.

How does it work?

Inspire Yoga remote one-on-one

Despite being physically distant we are up close and personal in our online support! Your teacher will be present online and guide you through each posture real time, you will get a chance to adjust your alignments, get feedback and enjoy personalized one on one attention from a highly experienced expert yoga teacher. To get started book in a free consultation so we can curate the program, let us know your schedule so we can meet you online at a time that’s convenient for you, with the magic of technology and videoconferencing you will be able to enjoy live private classes.

Tailor made just for you
Conducted personally with you
Scheduled around you
Our live class:


Do I get the same yoga teacher each time?2020-03-26T22:03:59+00:00

Our whole team is here for you, with one teacher guiding you through each class you have the option of continuing with the same teacher or enjoy the benefit of trying our different teaching styles if you would like to mix and match yoga instructors,

When are there classes available?2020-03-26T22:01:05+00:00

Classes are available for most time zones, let us know what times suit your schedule and we will do our best to accommodate to your convenience.

What equipment would I need?2020-03-26T22:01:57+00:00

All you will need for your class is a yoga mat and a device with a camera (laptop, tablet, phone) so we can guide your class and keep a trained eye on your alignments to ensure your postures are safe and accurate.

What are we going to focus on?2020-03-26T22:02:28+00:00

We have a range of programs on offer, from boosting energy to deep relaxation, the focus on each class is you. Let us know how you are feeling, if you have any areas of tension or stiffness you’d like to work through, any injuries we should be careful of, any objectives of strength building, balance or fitness you would like us to support you with, each class is fully personalized to your needs and goals.

Yoga for your mind

Releasing stress

When we are caught up with life we find ourselves either stuck worrying about the future or regretting events from the past, the essence of yoga is to train your mind to find its center back in the present. It is only in the present moment that we can feel empowered, we cannot change what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow, but in the now we are in control, it is in the present moment where we can choose to drop stress and anxiety and access a reservoir of peace and tranquility. When you are fully relaxed your body can enter growth and repair mode which has been proven to strengthen your nervous system. You will be guided by experts in meditation to switch off and restore, being more aware of your body, breath and energy the rumination of the mind will cease as you enjoy an inner silence. We use a system of awareness to first release the tension in the body, then heighten your energy by breathing techniques and finally bring consciousness to the mind by allowing it stillness.

Yoga for your body

Stronger body equals a stronger immune system

This time has been a wake up call to look after our bodies and our health. We are suffering from a lot of chronic tension due to lifestyle choices, we have the opportunity now to redefine our own lifestyle and make positive changes for a stronger tomorrow. The yoga practice is a balance between strength and flexibility, letting go of the tightness and weakness. We work with the large foundational muscle groups to ensure that your skeletal system does not get overburdened, a big emphasis in on proper posture which means increasing strength and agility around the shoulders, spinal column, core belt, glutes and legs. When we are in the right alignment our body’s systems work much more efficiently, our breath is deeper, our digestion is more complete, our blood circulation improves. With our body’s systems being more effective the repair and growth function is strengthened; more energy can be devoted to protecting and defending our health- you will feel a boost in your own immune function.