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Today’s article in the SCMP, Hong Kong’s largest news publication, highlighted the importance of prioritising mental health for men. High achieving corporate executive, Brian Henderson, suffering from anxiety, high levels of stress, depression and insomnia, he gained the courage to have open discussions about his struggles and is now pioneering solutions to solve the problem of systematic stress with 70% of Hong Kong residents reporting medium to high levels of depression admit the current situation of uncertainty and unrest. He highly recommends Inspire Yoga’s the 9 week online course which helped on his personal journey back to wellness, finding a practice to be empowered with independently combining movement and mindfulness brought him an awareness of his mind and health through setting positive intentions.

Here is an except of the article:

Men need to open up about mental health, says business executive who struggled with depression and anxiety for two years

Meditation to restore balance, energy

Online Program Improves Corporate Executive Mental Health

Meditation aims to reconnect and rebalance mind, body and soul through a process of mindfulness that usually involves focusing on breathing, identifying where any tension or imbalance can be felt in the body, and then using visualisation, and integrated breathing and movement, to set an intention that will restore balance and energy flows.

Henderson’s daily meditation practice draws on his lessons from the “Transform Stress to Success Online Course” – a nine-week movement and mindfulness course developed by Neelam Harjani of Hong Kong’s Inspire Yoga.

It begins with breath work to offer immediate access to restorative energy. Movement follows, to help participants understand the impact of letting go of restlessness to prepare the body and mind to sit still and savour the silence of meditation.

Drawing on neuroscience, the programme is designed to empower self-practice of being aware of what you need rather than following an instructor’s set sequence.

“I personally use a combination of breathing, mindfulness, intention, visualisation and yoga to achieve balance at the start of each day. My practice varies depending how I am feeling day to day,” Henderson says. “It’s not about following exactly the same routine every day, because every day is different and what we need to restore balance varies accordingly.”

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