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Happy New Year! From Team Inspire we wish you a happy and healthy year ahead!

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It is our resolution to bring a stronger awareness of the lasting benefits of yoga, both for an active body and a peaceful mind. Holistic healthcare brings equal significance to what happens on the mental level rather than just treating the physical symptoms as yoga philosophy states that what happens on the plane of the body is a manifestation of our mental and emotional environment.

Modern science now agrees that 70% of all disease materialize because of negative thoughts or emotional stress. When it comes to stress and psychosomatic illness there is no doubt that to treat the condition one needs to pay attention to their state of mind, emotional wellbeing as well as their physical fitness.


Yoga to Reduce Stress that Help to Improve Ourself Physically & Mentally

According to Ayurveda negative emotions have a direct correlation to certain diseases, for example jealousy weakens the immune system and leads to oncological diseases, being vengeful causes insomnia and throat diseases, being too judgemental causes infections and skin diseases and aggressiveness causes gastric ulcers and acid reflux. So next time you reach for some medicine to treat how your feeling, examine what your inner state is that has led to this position, chances are you will discover more about yourself that can bring a more lasting change.

Let’s resolve to start the new year where we are looking after ourselves and our family in a more wholesome manner. Start by allowing yourself to sit in silence, try meditation or just watch your thoughts so you have a better grasp of your emotional and mental ecosystem, once we are aware of how we are feeling we can do more to restore a calm and peaceful way of thinking.

We offer private yoga classes so that we can customize the class to what you need for your body and your mind. It’s important you enjoy your classes so tell us exactly what you are looking for, what you are currently experiencing and your goals so we can work with you to realizing those objectives. A new study from researchers at the University of Maryland School of Public Health found that moderate exercise can help people manage future stress and anxiety, and the emotional and mental health benefits of exercise may last long after a workout ends.

Fill out the diagnostic questionnaire and we will incorporate the exact proportions of the different elements of yoga for you, from meditation, balance, active stretching and strengthening poses. Our classes will help you access the mind through your body, with concentration and consistency you will feel the soothing effects of listening to your breath while engaging and lengthening your muscles to relieve any tension you may be experiencing, both in body and mind. We bring the classes to the comfort of your own home so you can create a sanctuary for yourself in your own space to let go of stress, relax and enjoy!

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