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There are many ways to practice yoga, you can join a studio class, follow a YouTube video or arrange for a private session with a yoga instructor. Those who prefer the comfort of being home, without the hassle of getting to a studio or rushing through traffic- kind of defeats the zen you are trying to achieve from a yoga class! Following videos online can be very useful and easy but how do you know if you are doing it right? There are many different types of yoga, certain poses are great but all come with some contraindications, in light of this it’s important that the poses that you do are properly taught and structured with you in mind. Getting a private teacher at home is an investment, and a commitment when someone is at your door ready to teach you, you can’t exactly hit snooze or postpone the session, the private classes hold you accountable and is especially beneficial for those who want to create a disciplined yoga routine.

The Best 7 Tips to Practice Yoga at Home

  1. Selecting the right kind of instructors to give you private yoga classes at home is one of the most important elements of practicing yoga at your home comfortably. Always make sure that they understand your objectives, so you are working together towards the same goals.
  2. Explain if you have any injuries or areas of tension, before building on an advanced practice it is imperative that tension is released and that your practice is safe, as your practice evolves mention how you feel and if you have any other goals so the practice can evolve together
  3. Find a time that you can commit to, having the class at the same time each week will help you anticipate your week, clear your diary and ensure you are available for the practice. Show up by blocking your calendar to show the priority your put on your self-care
  4. Create a space at home where you can dedicate to doing your yoga practice, somewhere that’s away from gadgets that invites you to enjoy some silence and relish the relaxation that comes with each yoga class. The last thing you want is to be checking your phone or hearing alerts while you are trying to master a balancing pose!
  5. Communicate with your family when you are doing yoga so they can accommodate for your classes, ask them to either be quiet or go outside so you can enjoy some peace with minimal distractions
  6. Prepare a high quality yoga mat, two blocks and a strap for your classes, feeling ready for the class by having the right equipment, energy and mindset will gear you up for yoga at home
  7. Find a playlist that you love, sometimes music can amp up your mood, if you are set for an active, energizing class have some strong beats and if you want some deep relaxation put in some soothing instrumental music to get you in the zone

Many of our clients savor their private classes at home as a way of winding down with the luxury of the attention and specialist care from our team of experts at Inspire Yoga. We start your journey with a consultation, hosted personally by our founder, Neelam Harjani, with her expertise of 20 years she selects the right teacher for you, curates your program and works with the team to ensure you feel supported and challenged in order to see steady progress, improvement and connection. To get started, book a free consultation today! www.inspire-yoga.com/free-consultation

Benefits of Private Yoga

What is private yoga? Simply put, a yoga instructor comes to your home and teaches you on a one-on-one basis. In some cases, small group classes are offered if you’d like to share it with friends or family members, keeping in mind the program is structured based on certain objectives so everyone will have to be on a similar level. Where doing the class at home is difficult, we also accommodate to hosting the classes in your office or clubhouse.

Having a personalized practice means you quickly progress as the sequences are designed with you in mind, if you have any imbalances we will work with the side that’s stiffer, if you have any injuries we will work to release tension and facilitate healing by increasing strength and mobility, if you have particular goals of toning, weight loss, relaxation, flexibility, balance we will structure the entire class to work together in meeting those objectives.

The main benefit of private yoga is specialist attention. You have the luxury of expert care so that in each posture you are supported, carefully aligned and guided step by step, with safety as our priority we ensure to direct the class sequentially to address strength, stamina and stretch. You can provide live feedback on how you feel and if you want any variations to increase or decrease the intensity, you will learn more about your capabilities and as you build a trusting relationship with your teacher slowly push your limits and enhance your ability. It’s not like in a big group class you can interrupt the flow of the class and ask the teacher why your right leg feels so much tighter than your left!

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word Yug, which means to unite. The practice is the union of body, mind and breath. Connecting with yourself and enjoying some quiet time is a big part of the healing effects that yoga offers. Mindfulness becomes more accessible when we shut out from distractions and are in a place of familiarity and comfort. This is why the calming effects of private yoga is much more beneficial than a studio class. Our nature is to have our attention go outward, look around to what’s happening with others and compare ourselves with the rest of the class. Both feeling like we are doing better or worse than the majority plays no role in assisting us to go inward, it’s all an outward distraction, yoga is about being present with ourselves and being in full acceptance. Private yoga helps you switch off from outward judgments and allows you that time of deep rest as you are in your comfort zone with no one else around. We have been able to work with mental health goals and have seen great improvement of anxiety, chronic stress, panic attacks and sleep disorders through a tailored private yoga program.

The convenience private yoga brings is a true luxury in today’s frenetic lifestyle of Hong Kong. We are able to service all districts of the city bringing an expert teacher to your home, at the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home. No rushing through traffic, or feeling intimated in a large studio setting, our one one-on-one service is offered with you in mind. We know you are busy so we schedule all classes around your availability, this makes it easier for you to block time out of your calendar to commit to the benefits yoga can service you as you make it a long-standing part of your weekly routine, many of our clients have continued with us for years! It’s the best way in which you can start a practice, progress in your practice and create a lifestyle from your practice.




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