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Inspire Yoga listed as the Hong Kong’s best!

We are grateful to Happy Hong Konger to have selected Inspire Yoga as Hong Kong’s top provider of yoga classes. What sets us apart is our attention to detail, hands-on adjustments, personalized class structures, and of course our expert team of teachers. We...
7 step guide to meditation

7 step guide to meditation

We all know meditation is something that is encouraged, it’s supposed to be great for well-being, overall health and mood researchers have now found scientific data to support the merits of meditation and why it’s so important for us to use as a wellness tool with the...

The body heals when the mind is peaceful

I’ve always known that a calm state of mind is good for you, but after having completed a 5-day advanced meditation course, I actually experienced it – for the first time in my life. I felt the energy pulsate around my body when I wasn’t caught up in...
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