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In yoga is it essential that you respect and listen to your body. Allow the practise to be for yourself rather than to keep up with a class at large. If you feel exhausted or dizzy during the practise, child’s pose is great to rest in and it helps to renew your energy. If you have delicate ankles or knees sit on a block or place your feet on a cushion to provide more support.


One of the Yoga Basic Poses That Can Renew Your Energy

To set up the pose, bring your feet and knees together and sit your hips on your heels. If the front of your feet feel too push pressure, tuck your toes under on to the mat. You’re your abdomen on the top of your thighs and place your head on the floor. If you you’re your back is too rounded in this position, keeping your feet together separate your knees to the width of your mat, lengthening your back further in this pose. You may feel a slight stretch around your inner thighs, if this is the case, bring your knees close together. You can also use your own discretion to either stretch your hands in front of your towards the top of your mat but if this is a strain to your shoulders allow your hands to rest by the sides of your body with your palms facing up to the ceiling. Try the different variations of this pose to find the position you feel most comfortable in.


Breathing techniques help to reap the benefits of this pose, focusing a deep inhalations and gentle exhalations. Try to breathe out for twice as long as you inhale for. The ideal restorative breathing ratio is 2:1 (exhalations: inhalations); breathe in for 4 counts and breathe out for 8 counts. Abdominal breaths help you to breathe fuller, as you inhale feel your abdomen inflating out and as you exhale draw your core to the back of your body to empty any stagnant air out of lungs.


Child’s pose is an integral restorative pose in yoga, it activates the vegus nerve which relaxes the parasymphatic nervous system, controlling stress and subconcious fight-or-flight responses, the pose also gently releases stiffness in the shoulders and hips while lengthening the back in its soft inversion. If you are interested in private yoga classes where we teach you a combination of potent restorative poses as well as deep stretching to relieve tense muscles please view more details on our stretch and restore yoga package.

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