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Did you know your breathing pattern is affected by your emotions? When you are sad have you noticed your breathing becomes heavy as you sigh? When you are angry your breathing gets faster and sharper, right? If your emotions affect your breathing pattern then the reverse is also true, your breathing pattern affects your emotion. This course, formulated by the Art of Living, teaches us how to breathe to release stress and be happy.

The course consists of a daily yoga practice that opens up the body, boosts energy levels, and activates the muscles and mood. You will also experience deep relaxation to calm the nervous systems and allow the rest you have been craving. We will take you through a breathing technique, known as Sudharshan Kriya, which has been researched by the Harvard Medical Journal where cortisol drops as much as 50% on the first day of practicing this cleanse. Cortisol is a stress hormone found in the bloodstream and is responsible for inflammation, through this breathing exercise stress is released that is has a profound benefit on your peace of mind.

The philosophy of the course is founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s vision of lowering stress levels in individuals in order to bring more harmony in the world, violence is caused because people are experiencing stress within and they act aggressively with others, by reducing the stress levels experienced by individuals people can feel content and peaceful and even if provoked can walk away from a fight rather than resorting to violence to assert themselves.

The 3-day breathing course explores concepts such as happiness, acceptance, forgiveness, judgment, and presence. It is a highly interactive structure filled with opportunities to reflect and discuss how stress builds up in our system and where we gain our energy from. We have understood how to optimize sleep and food but breathing is the most potent source of energy that has gone neglected, compare how long you can go without food or sleep compared with your next breath. We teach you a self-led breathing technique that you can do on your own to continue feeling calm and relaxed much after the course has ended. What’s more, we have free weekly follow-ups so you can come together as a group and do the guided breathing rhythm once you have successfully completed the breathwork course.

Despite doing the same breathing technique, the biochemistry of breathwork works on a highly individualized level, you receive what you need, for some, it’s deep rest and relaxation, and for others, it’s a surge of energy and mental clarity, the more you practice the more it becomes part of your physiology to be energetic and joyful.

This program is truly life-changing, all you need is to gather 3 of your friends or family members to have your own private course. Block off 3 consecutive days in your calendar where you attend the course for 3 hours each day and email info@inspire-yoga.com to secure your spot.

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