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Are you looking for a natural way to relax and sustain your energy levels? Don’t miss this exclusive event, where the founder of Inspire Yoga, Neelam Harjani, will be explaining her proprietary 5 step model of tension release included in her book ‘Secrets to Live Stress Free’. Learn about the science of sleep from Dr Kate Bridle, Founder of Sleep HQ and experience instant calming and restorative exercises that will ensure you get a deep restful sleep every night.

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A brief overview of the science of sleep including practical take-home tips on how to immediately start improving your sleep quality.”

Speaker : Kate Bridle, BSc, RPSGT, CSSC

With over 14 years experience working in the field of Sleep Medicine, Kate is one of a small number of highly accomplished, globally certified sleep physiologists. She has vast clinical experience having spent 9 years working in the UK’s largest Sleep Disorder Centre in London. She has contributed to published sleep research articles, and has trained both physicians and fellow physiologists from across the world in diagnostic sleep testing and polysomnography (sleep study) interpretation.

Most recently Kate has become especially interested in Behavioural Sleep Medicine and has qualified as a Certified Sleep Science Coach. Her passion and experience in the field has led to her setting up her own consulting company, ‘Sleep HQ’. Sleep HQ offers education and advice for both individuals and groups through consultations and sleep re-training therapy courses, and corporate wellness talks and workshops. She has a particular interest in helping individuals suffering from poor sleep and Insomnia to achieve better sleep through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques.

Kate has been a guest speaker at numerous international events and conferences including the highly acclaimed Royal Society of Medicine in London and the Middle East Neuroscience Congress in Dubai. She is an active member of The British Sleep Society (BSS), The American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST), The European Society of Sleep Technologists (ESST) and the Society of Behavioural Sleep Medicine (SBSM). Other than sleep, her passions include travelling, enjoying good food, skiing and scuba diving.


” Learn practical self care techniques to thrive by dissolving your individual cycle of tension creation. Explore the impact of stress on your biorhythms and how to optimize energy levels to improve physical, emotional and mental well-being using mindfulness based yoga sequences. Lastly, discover new ways in boosting your immunity, agility and resilience and by gaining a deeper understanding of the mind body connection.

Speaker : Neelam Harjani is the founder of Inspire Yoga operating in Hong Kong since 2010. Driven by a passion for personal transformation her focus on customized yoga programs enables her clients to attain techniques to improve their energy levels as they unlock tension and stiffness. A strong believer in the mind body connection Neelam takes a holistic approach, incorporating mindfulness, breathwork and posture. As the author of “Secrets to Live Stress Free” her vision to create an inner awareness as a starting point for optimal wellness has been well received by busy executives and high performing corporations. With a team of dedicated yoga teachers she is inspired to provide an antidote to the fast pace of the city encouraging a creation of stillness and space within.

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