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Yoga is all about balance; it’s the golden middle line that we’re after. The balance between: strength and flexibility, yin and yang, active and passive, dominant and receptive, masculine and feminine. Yoga means ‘to unite’. Our practice should aim to bring together the polarities within us, to find balance within.


Professionally, we live in a world of specialization, where the repetition of the same task makes you an expert on it. However, recently it is shown that lateral thinking and a broader view brings greater creativity and insight. This is especially true for your yoga practice. In order to feel balance and peace we need to stop stereotyping ourselves, we need to explore and enjoy the different styles of yoga to best complement our lifestyle.


Learn the Different Types of Yoga that Best Fits for You

Our natural preferences tend to accentuate our current state, causing our personalities to become more extreme rather than more balanced. Take the example of ‘Type A’ personalities: they usually have highly stressful jobs, experience higher than average adrenaline levels, and are highly self-driven. What would ‘Type A’ personalities choose for recreation? Adventure sports, rock concerts, and if they practice yoga their natural inclination would be to power yoga. Notice how their choice of recreational activities brings a greater imbalance to their already stressed, aggressive and dominant state. ‘Type A’ personalities would benefit most from a yin yoga class and meditation. This would help bring balance to their lifestyle as it would introduce the receptive, flexible and calming aspects of their personalities.


On the contrary, typical‘Type B’ personalities are much more free-spirited and relaxed, they don’t put much pressure on themselves and adopt a laissez-faire attitude to life. They usually take a casual approach to their work and are not tied down by deadlines. Recreationally they enjoy relaxing at a café, watching movies and engaging in topics of philosophy. They are most likely to choose yin yoga and meditation. Again, see how their choice of activities adds to their personality type? We have a natural preference to what is familiar to us or to activities that put us in a frame of mind that we are used to. ‘Type B’ personalities would benefit most from a power yoga class. This would help them cultivate a sense of discipline and control to complement their easy going personality.


To bring equilibrium to our lives we need to move away from habitual choices and consciously test our comfort zone. It is important that you know what you need in order to bring a deeper sense of peace within. We are the most efficient and content when we feel balanced mentally and emotionally. When we choose a style of yoga to complement our lifestyle and personality, it is much more beneficial in creating inner harmony.



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