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june fresh

Tired of grabbing the same unhealthy lunch in Central? If you feel that there aren’t enough healthy options for you especially when you are working at the office , we have a solution for you! Something Fresh is a new concept to Hong Kong that delivers fresh packed lunches so you don’t have to run to get fast food if you are at your desk. A delicious, vegetarian and fresh meal will be sent directly to you- no fuss at all!


Something Fresh believes in wholesome vegetarian food as a means of bring complete nourishment to body and mind. Why not try something new this summer? They also deliver fresh, clean, chopped ingredients to your home for dinner, equipped with a simple step by step card on how to prepare your meal you will now be able to enjoy a homecooked meal without having to find recipies and source the ingredients. You will feel the satisfaction of cooking for yourself and your family, providing complete nourishment and promoting healthy habits!


Inspire Yoga has arranged a special discount of 10% for all our clients, simply visit www.somethingfresh.com.hk, select the meals you would liked delivered and apply coupon code INSPIRE14 to your shopping cart items to enjoy the discount, enjoy your meal and feel free to give us feedback on how it went 🙂

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