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Corporate wellbeing workshops are structured sessions or programs designed to promote and enhance the overall well-being of employees within a corporate setting. These workshops typically cover a range of topics related to physical, mental, and emotional health, with the aim of improving employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity.

Corporate wellbeing workshops can address various aspects of well-being, such as stress management, work-life balance, nutrition and healthy eating, exercise and fitness, mindfulness and meditation, resilience, time management, and overall self-care

We all want to show up to work as our best, most productive, energetic, collaborative selves- but how is that done? We can be incentivized to demonstrate these behaviors through compensation schemes and recognition in the workplace, but does this work as a motivation in the long run? Even still, if it’s coming from an outside source, extrinsic motivation, it takes us effort to change and show up how we are expected to, that means it never becomes an intrinsic motivation which becomes tiring, we are constantly feeling like we can’t be ourselves, we have to operate within a set of parameters instructed by the organization, soon we feel stifled, it’s exhausting trying to be someone else, or act in a particular way all the time, thus we find ourselves showing up irritated, despondent, stressed and burned out, not achieving the results we set out for nor being the person we envisioned. Does this sound familiar?

Two-thirds of full-time employees say they have experienced burnout at some point in their careers. Workplace burnout is becoming increasingly common. 36% of workers state that their organizations have nothing in place to help stave off employee burnout.

Programs that address workplace well-being are part of the solution, but the problem is much wider than ergonomic workspaces, gym memberships and blue light filters. What does it take to be passionate and productive on a long-term basis? Research in the Netherlands have narrowed it down to 4 factors:

Autonomy: Do people have a sense of agency? Are roles micro managed with strict rules of adherence? Can people bring creativity to solutions, how is risk taking viewed within the organization?

Competency: Is staff adequately skilled to do the job? Is training provided, if people want to further develop themselves, are they given the means to within the organization? This levels the playing field and clears hierarchical barriers to challenge and transform current practices.

Connection: Is there a human element in the workplace or is it simply an amalgamation of transactions? Being able to bring authenticity in the office allows people to feel a sense of belonging to their workplace and extend themselves in their commitment to their work

Adaptability: Is there fluidity and how is changed viewed? Rigidity brings myopia and control in a time of uncertainty can lead to suboptimal results, brining a sense of openness to the unknown where options are discussed and ideas are welcome is what make organizations agile to the ever changing economic landscape

The primary goal of corporate wellbeing workshops is to support employees in achieving a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, both personally and professionally. By investing in employee well-being, organizations aim to improve morale, reduce stress and burnout, foster a positive work environment, enhance productivity, and ultimately benefit the overall success of the company.

Our corporate wellness programs involve the whole person, responsible for their individual selfcare routines but also as a part of a web of inter-relations. We take practical tools to release stress, create social support networks to share and to feel heard, as well as frameworks of conversation to built more trust and relinquish bygone control mechanisms as a way of managing people. If you are interested to learn more visit www.inspire-yoga.com to download our Corporate Wellness Proposal.

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