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Dr Joseph Wong fromChirocare Chiropractic Centre has recognized the benefits of yoga for back care. He claims that much of the chiropractics involved have the similar effects of the basic mobilizations in a yoga class. The way yoga address muscular tone through stretching and muscular strength through endurance poses is excellent for the spinal column and is a great way to maintain healthy posture in spire of a sedentary lifestyle.


However, if you are suffering from back pain is it recommended that you see a Chiropractor first for realignment and thereafter a consistent yoga practice would provide adequate upkeep for posture and will help minimize any back pain. If you purchase any package from our back care yoga program you will receive a free Chiropractic assessment, courtesy of Inspire Yoga!


Every Chiropractor Recommends the Yoga for Back Pain

During an initial Chiropractic assessment, your doctor will examine your back to find the exact location of any spinal misalignment, also known as Subluxation. First by using a Nervoscope, an instrument which measures heat along the spine the Chiropractor can detects inflammation and pressure on nerves. Second is palpitation,  when nerves are compressed and spinal joints malfunction they can produce swelling (edema) in that area as well as tightness in the muscles. Your Chiropractor will feel for these areas on your back and neck using the finger tips while you sit in a stationary position.  Lastly is a spinal x-ray, this is a “blue print” of your spine which is important in determining specifically how the spinal segments involved are to be adjusted.


Once the assessment is complete your chiropractor will use manual manipulations as well as massage therapy to realign any postural imbalances and release any tightness around the back. Dr. Wong recommends Inspire Yoga because he feels that private yoga is the safest and most effective way of exercise, especially for people with chronic pain.


We are also offering a special price of $500 for any chiropractic services, please email info@inspire-yoga.com and we will book an appointment with Chircocare Chiropractic Centre for you.

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