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Science has now discovered that our electric magnetic frequency can be measured, there is a resonance for health and a specific vibration for the disease. In order to create health, we want it is important to examine what is the vibrational frequency of our thought quality?

Positive thinking has a much higher frequency than a negative, self-centered mind. Health is the same, it comes from a place of harmony whereas a disease is a manifestation of hatred on a mental level. What do you think about when you are stressed? You are thinking of self-preservation, worried about consequences and fearful that you don’t have enough- can you see the frequency of your thoughts are disrupting any physical harmony here? Whereas when you are relaxed and at peace isn’t it much easier to help others?

You can come from a place of generosity and love, this high positive vibration of thought will attract good health for you on a physical level.

We operate on a basis that starts off clear, then we get bombarded by stimuli. Most of the news, gossip, and even our observations tends to be negative, from an evolutionary perspective we are skewed to recall and retain negative information 7 times more than a positive piece of information. Does that mean we are destined for illness? Let’s get to that later once we complete the chain of reactions.

All the negative news now starts to affect our body, serotonin levels decrease causing us to feel blue, cortisol levels increase causing us to feel threatened/insecure and adrenaline levels increase causing us to feel anger and aggression. Put all this negative and we are in a very bad mood, this will be reflected in our behavior causing us to snap, react, and judge much more than if we were calm, of course, our negative reactions will feel the more negative stimulus of the environment perpetuating the bad mood. Back to the question, is this fated or can we break out of this pattern?

How do we align our body and mind so that is isn’t dependent on our outer environment? Can our inner environment remain positive so that we can encourage health and well being? Yes, yes yes! We can certainly empower the cycle, starting with positive mind by feeding yourself uplifting values and creating inspiring intentions will put you in a good mood which will attract positive environments, if you are cheerful aren’t you more likely to have a good time? Having a positive inner environment to reflect a positive external environment is the crux of yoga philosophy.

Focus within on the quality of your thoughts and see how health transpires in your body and your world. Start your mind and find true resilience to what you encounter- isn’t that what good health is all about, a strong defense system?

Our immunity is closely related to gut health when we are eating well, digesting properly, absorbing fully the nutrients of our food we are boundless energy available to us. The microbiome study examines the role of good bacteria in our gut, healthy natural occurring probiotics enhance digestion, absorption and strengthen our immunity. Don’t you feel that your bad mood is often caused by underlying fatigue and low energy levels?

The microbiome project shines a light on our own natural healing systems to optimize health and energy levels. When we are more aware of our own rhythms through practices like private yoga through mindful movement and cleansing breathing in a personalized approach where we can invite an inner sanctuary of reflection and restoration then our mood and health get uplifted without any dependence on medication.

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