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Feeling a dip in energy in the middle of the day is inevitable, especially when you already had your morning cup of coffee and wanted limiting caffeine is a new years resolution. Great news is that there are many ways to give ourselves a nudge and stay focused for the rest of the day.


Controlled breathing techniques are arguably the most powerful tool; like a quick fix to a brain fog, there are different ways to breathe to reach different results. One of the easiest ways is to close your eyes softly, take 10 long deep breaths, and count down in your heart.

sluggish dip in energy

Alternate nostril breathing is another yogic breathing to enhance your experience with a midday snooze. This can be done anytime of the day.

  •         Stay seated at your desk with your spine neutral, avoid leaning toward the back of your chair.
  •         With your right hand, use the thumb for the right nostril and the ring finger for the left side, and feel free to fold the index and middle fingers down.
  •         To begin, take a full breath with both nostrils first.
  •         Then cover the left nostril, to take the next inhale with the right nostril, switch side for the exhalation and make sure the right nostril is covered.
  •         Continue to inhale with the left nostril and switch again to exhale with the right.
  •         Practice this for at least a few minutes to feel the result; this is known as the subtle energy clearing technique. Regular and long term practices have been shown to increase mental well-being by reducing stress and anxiety.

Being physically upside down is known to improve blood circulations. Sometimes we sit for too long and our productivity goes down as a result. Unless your work space encourages you to do so, finding a wall space to kick your legs up (might not be appropriate in most corporate environment).  The goal is to bring your heart at a higher level than your head. Standing forward bend is considered a semi inversion in yoga poses, same as downward facing dog pose. They help reversing blood flow to the brain, improving brain function, and strengthening the nervous system.

stay focused Controlled breathing techniques

Standard forward bend is highly approachable for anyone:

  •         Start with feet standard hip-width distance and knees micro bended, take a deep inhalation reach the arm overhead.
  •         as you exhale, begin to hinge forward from the front of the hip joint slowly, keep the spine neutral and long, until the belly feels rested close the thighs.
  •         Hands can be on the floor or on a block, or resting on the shins and ankles. The neck and head should be relaxed. Breathe continuously and deeply, as this pose can be held for a few breaths, or up to a minute.
  •         Coming out of this pose with cautious and take extra time to avoid feeling lightheaded when rolling up to standard.

These simple practicable yoga methods are absolutely easy to be incorporated into your workday, anytime of the day. Create regular practices will definitely be helpful to your mental well-being.


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