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Why Yoga?

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Given that the world is facing the spread of the Coronavirus which has caused many of us to be in a lock down, shut off from friends, worried about the rate of contraction and working from home. Yoga brings us to a state of balance, it is from this place where we can withstand all the changes and difficulties around us. The global situation has led many into a panic, but what will being fearful achieve? It’s a contagious emotion that holds the body in survival mode and depresses the immune function. Now more than ever we need to train ourselves to stay calm, to feel the strength within and trust that with time all will be restored. The virus is beyond our control, but what is within our control is our own mental and physical state, being at home you can practice yoga and meditation to arm you with the tools to prioritize your health, let go of the stress and harness your inner resilience.
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