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Given our sedentary lifestyles our spinal alignments and posture has been severely affected. From evolution our bodies are not designed to stay seated hunched over a desk for prolonged periods everyday, our bodies are made to be active and mobile. This healthy movement helps to keep our spinal muscles strong and our posture upright, it also has significant knock on effect to our body functioning. With a slouched posture, shoulders stooped forward, back rounded, our breathing becomes very short causing us to utilize a fraction of our lung capacity, there is also extra pressure around our small intensive and stomach causing sluggish digestion and poor nutrition absorption.


We have devised 2 yoga programs to help improve your spinal alignment and posture. We have structured the classes to target the muscles along the spinal column to improve strength and flexibility, this will ensure you keep good posture even whilst at your desk as well as free yourself from any stiffness. Our Yoga and Pilates program works on isolating core muscles to maintain proper posture as well as bringing awareness to how the back responds to stress to quickly relieve any tension. Our Back Care Yoga program works with those who suffer from back pain, especially around the lower lumbar. We work to isometrically strengthen muscles that support the lower back to ensure all spinal disks are properly protected and free from any undue pressure. We use yoga therapy techniques to release tension, improve mobility and balance strength along the spinal column. Emphasis is also given to mindfulness exercises to ensure healthier spinal positions are adopted off the yoga mat as well, whether walking, sitting or traveling.


Private classes allow you to focus on exactly what you need without any fuss, we will arrange the class to take place in the comfort of your home/office and scheduled around your convenience. Feel free to schedule a free consultation so we can advise the most suitable program for you and assign one of our yoga experts to host your classes.

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