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Iyengar’s discussion of Prajna- Insight and Intuition, in his book entitled ‘Light on Life’ is highly inspiring. Challenging conventional definitions of intelligence, he gives meditative insights on spiritual intelligence purporting that it is the ability to see oneness and the positive qualities in all to allow the light of knowledge from the conscience to shine forth.


Yoga Iyengar is Practicing How to Focus & Concentrates Our Mind

When we have countless thoughts swirling around our minds we are unable to focus, the constant chatter thereby mutes our inner voice as there is no silence within for it to be audible. During our practice of yoga we are refining our concentration by clearing our mind and focusing only on our body and breath. When we establish a state of tranquillity we are able to free up the clutter in our minds in order for our inner voice to be heard, only then can we realize our intuitive powers. The ultimate purpose is to extrapolate this tranquillity from inside a quiet yoga studio to the busy lifestyle off your mat; maintaining an equanimity even during seemingly stressful situations.


Iyengar focuses on living in the present so we can culture intelligence by learning from our mistakes and allowing awareness to resonate from ourselves. Yoga helps to bring forth this acute awareness, as we become more dedicated to our practice we begin to feel each posture and adjust ourselves into perfect alignment in form and breath, gradually bringing us to find complete balance in our personalities. Prajna is where one knows innately the best decision without having to arrive to the conclusion through deduction; it’s holistic and comes from the inner silence that Iyengar teaches us to cultivate through asana and prana.


Through the quietude of the mind, clarity and attentiveness is brought about sanctioning instinct to guide us, tapping into the unconscious intelligence where decisions are made we can optimize our wellbeing. Interestingly, intuition taps into cosmic intelligence guiding us to know what is right because it feels natural.


This insight is very powerful as life flows into place with ease because we can trust our decisions without a scattered mind. Intuition therefore is the guiding force from within that is unveiled when we attune ourselves to the natural intelligence by seeing unity with clarity of thought and the right perception thereby achieving wisdom through purity.

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