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Zooming out to the bigger picture, we explore the purpose of yoga, what’s the point? Why sit in meditation to relax when you could be taking a nap? It’s about awareness. When we consciously take a look at the inner workings of our mind, we can start to witness patterns of thinking, and the way we think shapes the way we behave.


The importance of introspection dates back thousands of years, the art of watching ourselves from a stance of openness changes our entire view. It gives us an opportunity to finally switch off the mental chatter, the constant criticism the nagging judgment and just be. When we feel our own presence we become more perceptive of our energy, of how we are feeling in our heart and how the body is doing.


Yoga helps us increase our awareness, by connecting the body (asanas), breathing (pranayama) and mind (dhyana) we become more in tune with ourselves. As we come to know ourselves better we are more equipped to make healthier choices, regarding our physical health, emotional health and financial health. We make smart decisions as we become more aware of what is needed. Most of our mistakes happen in a lapse of judgement. Its only when we are lost in a whirlwind of anger that we will say something that’s hurtful; when we lose awareness of what matters and the consequences of our actions. This sense of connection helps gain perspective of what actually matters, with a regular yoga practice you will see how much you value peace and how you will naturally make choices that are life affirming, nourishing and peaceful.



When our decisions are based from a sense of awareness, we are act to bring the most benefit to ourselves and the people around us, we begin to contribute to the world. This can be done through honesty, leadership, generosity, just being the best person you can be you will touch the lives of everyone you encounter. Be a symbol of sincerity, to yourself, to your friends and family, and to your colleagues. Awareness is not compartmentalized to improve your health only, is will expand to every aspect of life.


When your actions are rooted healthy decisions, it is guaranteed that you will receive healthy benefits. When you decide to give yourself 3 hours a week to practice yoga you are dedicated to your health, and will feel more energetic and peaceful. When you decide to give your family 2 vacations a year you dedicate to quality time with your loved ones, you will feel more understood and open. When you decide to give your colleagues full participation at work, you will feel more motivated and empowered. Feeling better about your life will create a better life for yourself. It all starts with awareness, and bring that awareness into your choices and seeing the improved results from those healthy decisions.


As you start with a personalized yoga practice, first you will see the effects on the body and as you progress you will feel your breath deepen and eventually the goal is to have our minds filled with peace and joy. Start today and see how it changes your view of the world.

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