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In today’s busy pace of life, we can be so consumed by our own goals that time and energy needs to be consciously invested to ensure we stay healthy, emotionally, physically and mentally. When we are off kilter a main aspect of our life that usually help to support and sustain us begins to deteriorate- our relationships. Have you noticed in times of stress and pressure you have snapped at your partner only to regret your hasty actions? Or that you are so focused on yourself that you forget to even ask them about their day? Or that your energy is zapped from the day that the thought of physical intimacy is tiring? 

You are not alone, these are all signs of stress causing an imbalance in our emotional wellbeing. When we are chronically stressed, overstimulated by the influx of information and bombarded with daily demands we operate from a state of emergency. Physiologically our body is in the fight-or-flight response more, focusing on immediate threats, directing energy only to systems geared for instant survival, our emotional response of fear and aggression is heightened due to the hormonal surge of adrenaline and cortisol. Not exactly the ideal scenario for romance and connection, biologically we think in an individualistic and selfish way because our body perceives there to be a imminent threat to our survival, without this reaction our gene pool would have died off but now in the modern day this constant state of stress is maladaptive hurting our own health and hindering the quality of our relationships. 

Coming from a self-centered perspective might be great for survival but I’m sure your partner would prefer empathy and kindness instead, the stress response needs to be turned off before we can elicit authentic selfless emotions and behaviors. We have seen countless couples strengthen their relationship by creating a sanctuary of peace at home through a personalized meditative yoga program, consciously allowing themselves to relax, raise their emotional frequency to carry a positive charge and connect to their inner peace so that they can savor the much needed rest for themselves and also become better and more balanced for each other. Work on your own areas of tension to release the stress of the world you carry on your shoulders and find a freedom in your energy ready to invest in the relationships that mean the most to you. Can you be there for someone else if you neglect yourself? Self love is the starting point to healthy relationships, be generous and gentle with yourself and you will notice this attitude spill over to those around you, aren’t you usually your own harshest critic? Meditation teaches acceptance, patience and presence all essential for sustainable emotional wellness in the stressful environments we live in. It’s time we recognize the cost of continuing in survival mode, it’s your choice to rebalance, restore and rekindle your personal connections. 

Here are 5 reasons to start a personalized program with Inspire Yoga today: 

  1. Curated programs to meet your needs
    We will design the perfect combination of yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation to optimize your emotional, physical and mental well being
  2. Hassle-free solution

All classes are on-site, in the comfort of your home, office or clubhouse and scheduled around your convenience

  1. Highest service quality 
    Our committed team of expert teachers provide hands on adjustments, postural alignments and personal attention so you get the highest quality meditation practice
  1. Elevate Your Energy
    Become aware of your personal energetic frequency as you connect with curated breathing techniques to sustain your vitality and allow deep relaxation
  2. Transcend Your Mind
    Become mindful of the power of your inner calm, compassion and confidence through the principles of meditation for a complete holistic practice of yoga specific for couples

Book a free consultation, show your partner how much you care about them and let us design the perfect program to have your relationship shine from inside out!

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