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Mother-daughter private yoga classes

Feeling stuck on what to get mom for mother’s day? Does she always say ‘I don’t need anything’? Isn’t she always happy to see you? Why not share with her the gift of presence. Get quality time together, spend it in sacred silence where you are both investing in creating habits or health, harmony, and happiness. This is a perfect connection to our more peaceful feminine nature, whether we have a young daughter or an elderly mother, the bond between mothers and daughters is truly special and one worth celebrating more!

We have seen relationships blossom, putting aside all differences and getting on the mat together, breathing together, sharing moments of strength together and deep relaxation together- isn’t this some more families need?

We become much more aware of ourselves during a sincere yoga practice, it is a journey to dispel any physical discomforts, create space and freedom in our movements and finally to arrive at a frame of mind that encompasses peace, love, and joy. When we become more in tune with ourselves, how will this shape our relationships? We are more aware of when things are off balance and take actions to reestablish harmony.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you didn’t have to travel to a studio, where you could just roll out your mat and the doorbell would ring with your yoga teacher at your doorstep ready to teach a class for you in the comfort of your own home? Daydream no more, it’s all possible! At Inspire Yoga we specialize in on-site classes, where a team of expert yoga teachers host classes for you in the comfort of your own home- that’s right, we come to you!

Is it hard to find a time that fits your schedule? Between the kids extra circular activities, mum’s appointments we don’t usually have enough time to get into the city to find a group class that’s on at exactly the time we are free. Another problem that we solve is that all classes are scheduled by your around your convenience, you no longer have to fit around a yoga timetable, we cater to your schedule, whether its an energetic class first thing in the morning or a restorative class right before you go to bed. Our service is made with you in mind, we curate the yoga sequences of each class to meet individual needs, ensuring that mum gets the right spinal alignments to release back pain and your daughter gets the support she needs to try a handstand for the first time!

Beginners yoga classes are great to share in a family setting, bringing together strength, flexibility, balance, mindfulness, breathing techniques and relaxation all in one hour! The classes are well rounded with hands-on adjustments and variations that empower you to know how the foundation postures should feel in your body, to respect your thresholds, feel the right intensity of each stretch and to work the right muscles taking off the load of any compensations that the body has acquired to cope with postural asymmetries. Do you know if your right or left side is more flexible? Which is your stronger side? Which leg are you more comfortable to balance on? Private yoga classes are a journey of self-discovery, we can only change our slouching habits when we are first aware that they exist.

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