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I started my yoga journey as a teenager; I kept a consistent practice throughout secondary school and university and found it made me physically energized and mentally alert. After graduating with a degree in Management from the London School of Economics I started my career in finance, all the while being regular about my yoga practice. After 2 years of banking I felt unfulfilled in my job and knew that something was missing, that’s when my yoga teacher told me that my practice had evolved to the point where I was ready to teach.

Realizing my deep love for yoga, I enrolled for the teaching training certification course to explore yoga deeper. I learnt so much from the course and was excited to start teaching. In my first class I had one lady who had just given birth, a young girl who was stiff but athletic and a middle aged man who had weak knees. Quickly I realized that each of them needed a class structured for their own body and that with a blanket approach the same pose can be healing or harmful depending on who was attempting it. That’s when I decided to specialize on private yoga classes to maximize the efficacy of the yoga practice in a safe and structured manner.  It was from this that Inspire Yoga was born and I have never looked back.

I truly feel that I am following my passion, I know first hand the impact of this ancient healing tradition that it feels natural to share the benefits of this practice. Yoga has been a pillar of strength in my life, it’s what I know best and what I believe in most, sharing the wonders of yoga to others is a service I am honored to provide.

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