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Javier de Salas is a renowned energy healer and natural health consultant from Madrid, Spain. He has given lectures at Evolution Asian Yoga Conference for several years and will be in Hong Kong again this month.

Belonging to a Self Realization School  where he learnt meditation and Mystic Therapy and also knowledge related with human and spiritual development as well as natural health. This spiritual school is based upon universal values and isn’t connected to any particular religion, philosophy, etc. You may read more about him on: www.javierdesalas.net

Inspire Yoga is offering private healing sessions with Javier this month from 18 October to 29th October, the 2 private healing sessions provided by Javier de Salas are as follows:

Mystic Healing (60 minutes duration – channelling and transmitting spiritual energy that heals, brings balance to the emotional body & expands the consciousness, $1500).

The receiver will be invited to lie down comfortably and take up a comfortable posture after which there will be a guided relaxation in order to favour full release of physical tension and discomfort. Afterwards the Mystic Healing practice will begin whilst soft background music is being played. The Mystic healer will touch the receiver on several energy points  in order to channel a powerful spiritual power which will take him/her into a special inner state of calmness, silence and peace. Because we are talking about an experience which falls into the spiritual dimension it’s not easy to put it into words and its therefore best lived directly upon oneself. The spiritual power channelled may be described as an unconditional wise and loving energy which knows exactly what to give to each person and therefore there is no fixed outcome; each person being different and each therapy being unique. It is therefore advisable to approach the practice with no expectations and fully open to Divine Grace. Clarity, awakening of intuition, deep physical and mental relaxation, emotional balance, inner joy are some of the benefits that people mention after the practice. Practically everyone feels refreshed and lighter, as if some of the load they were carrying had been lifted. Javier will be acting as an instrument of a Self-Realized Master named José who is a being of Love and Wisdom.

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy (90 minutes duration – using medium intensity magnets to balance the bodys pH, $2000)

In this therapy the client will lie down, fully clothed, upon a massage table and the therapist will place a negative magnet upon the different biomagnetic points of the body in order to scan whether there is balance or disbalance of the pH upon that area (organ, gland, tissue…). In case of pH disbalance the therapist will use a positive magnet, placed on a different but connected area of the body to favour pH balance. This therapy helps to eliminate pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites) since these disease-causing micro-organisms can only live inside the organism whilst there is an alteration of its pH. Its a totally natural therapy with no unwanted side effects to it.

Please email info@inspire-yoga.com to book your appointment and to experience the incredible benefits from this master of mystic healing

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