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Happy New Year, from Team Inspire we wish you a year filled with health and happiness!

As we reflect on 2014 let us be reminded about the positive changes that have taken place over the year, so much of today’s news dwells on the tragedies and calamities that we lose sight of all the good that goes on in the world. It is our resolution to be more uplifting and constructive in our thoughts, often our chatter tend to be dramatizing only the worst events taking place in the world, why don’t we pay as much attention to the good news? Here is an inspiring list of achievements that have taken place in 2014, among them reaching all time lows in child mortality and all time highs in disease containment- it’s time we celebrate our steps forward as a global community. As we recognize more goodness that happens around us, we will be propelled to continue that behavior by supporting the causes and by spreading awareness of such noble causes.

Make a Yoga Program as Your Guide on What to do Next

This awareness of our mental patterns equips us with the power to change our habits, it takes only 3 weeks of disciplined repeated action to get a behavior into a habit, whether that is replacing your morning coffee with green tea, cooking more than eating out or practicing yoga instead of watching TV- it only takes 21 days before it’s programmed in as a habit so that the time we spend doing things are mindful and in line with our priorities.  

Take on our new year’s challenge: consistently practice yoga for 21 days and create your own self practice! With 3 weeks on concentrated effort build a habit that can serve you a lifetime, whether you want to focus on strength, stamina, stretch or stability we will customize the classes for you. We have programs that are great for beginners and experienced practitioners, ones that are suitable on a one-on-one basis and others that are great for friends and family to join in.

New Year Offer:

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