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As we draw a close to another year, its time we wind down and let go to make sure we only bring what we need into the new year. Savasana, or corpse pose, is how we conclude every yoga class, so as you draw close to 2013 give yourself some time to relax and reflect. It’s a pose we look forward to and enjoy the most because its time dedicated to relaxation and restoration.


Why is the most relaxing pose left to the end? When we enter a yoga class with our minds racing carrying stiffness and stress why can’t we begin with relaxation? If we went straight into savasana our bodies would be still but our minds would take the opportunity to continue over thinking and worrying. We simply would not be in a state where a total relaxation is available.


We need to first move our attention from stress into our bodies. The movements and postures help us connect to our body and breath, connecting the mind back into the body. Within the hour of practicing yoga we are able to feel more attune to our body and feel more silence in our thoughts. This calming of the mind is the objective of the postures, we use the body as a vehicle to access the mind, to calm it down and feel mental clarity.


Yoga Savasana is the Hardest Relaxing Pose in Your Practice

Through movement, strength and stretch we fix our attention on the present moment and is channeling energy from the breath to the body we are ready to a total relaxation. Savasana is introduced at this moment so that the body can release tension from muscles and joints and since the mind focused on the body as the body rests the mind begins to relax as well. This is why relaxation at the end of yoga classes is so effective, yoga brings unity to the body and mind so as the body lets go of its tensions so too does the mind. Practicing yoga on the surface looks like it works the body, but as you go deeper you see major transformations in the mind take place. That’s why after a yoga class you feel refreshed, and renewed in your energy- physically, emotionally and mentally.


Whilst practicing yoga is it essential that your attention is drawn inwards and not outward, that you are focused on how you are feeling in the postures rather than comparing and competing with those around you in a class. Private yoga lessons lets you achieve the inward experience that yoga is designed for, with few distractions the mind can easily be brought to focus on your breath and energy. With this connection relaxation becomes the most revitalizing pose as you feel the lasting effects of peace and tranquility from your practice.


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